Strategic Partners

The Alpha Group mission is to help 1 million SMEs worldwide to double the value of their business and dominate their marketplace. Join us as an ELITE Strategic Partner and contribute to  Our Higher Purpose which is to create a paradigm shift across the world and help to empower people and put them back in touch with their own true core values within their business.

Become an ELITE Strategic Partner with The Alpha Group and change the world with us!

As part of our plan to accelerate the growth in 2022, we have decided to create a Global Empowerment Team. These people will be ELITE Strategic Partners who will help us to recruit many, many new Regional Directors into the company and will work very closely with us to expand the possibility to help even more SME’s (one Million).

Your role will be to Identify potential Regional Directors and members, who can be anywhere in the world. Pass them the informational webinar to watch and if they are still interested after that all you need to do is pass them on to the Managing Director to answer the questions that they will all have. There is no requirement for you to have a group up and running, just a deep-seated passion for helping others.

As a Strategic Partner you will:

The Alpha Group Meeting Spain
The Alpha Group London
The Alpha Group Dubai


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