The Alpha Group Results

The following quotes are from managing directors and Chief Executives of UK and US companies. These clients include manufacturing and service companies ranging from 6 to 600 employees, with sales turnovers ranging from £200 k to £30 m per annum. All of these clients have more than tripled their profits and value within the 2 to 3 years of working with the Alpha Group.

Pooja Shende

The Alpha Group Regional Director, India

TAG Training was a great experience where in the smallest of the aspect of being a Regional Director and running the Peer-to-Peer Executive Board was covered. The tools, techniques, course material, workbooks, other resources, live sessions, and demos added a whole new level of experience for me. The training not only equipped me to handle my profile as a Regional Director but also helped me to sharpen my own personal development. I feel truly blessed to have been associated with The Alpha Group. This not only helps me to fuel the vision and mission of The Alpha Group but my purpose as well. I’m grateful to Gerard and Colin for the handholding during this important phase. Thank you so much for everything!”

Paritosh Sharan

The Alpha Group Regional Director, India

I am very passionate about coaching and consulting, which led me to explore various approaches, methodologies and ultimately got certified as well by some of the bests in this world. What I experienced in 8-Day TAG training was a whole new level of articulation and integration within. I experienced a whole new level of refinement within me as well as the Coaching and Facilitation Process that I knew. The most beautiful part was experiencing you and Gerard live in this program, the living testimonials. Thank you Colin and Gerard for this wonderful experience. I am very proud of my association with TAG and also for its Vision and Mission. I know this association will not only help me contribute to my mission but will also help me bring out the best in me. 

Rajiv Bajaj

The Alpha Group Regional Director, India

“I have recently joined Alpha Group as a Founder Regional Director. We just finished our eight days training today which will be followed by 8 weeks of follow up. It was so powerful that it changed my entire perspective on Peer-to-Peer Board Coaching. I loved the trainers especially Colin and Gerard. Fully geared up to take Alpha Group presence in India to the next level. We will make the difference and double the value of the member companies in two to three years’ time surely. Thank u team Alpha group for giving me honour to be part of this growth story of many such beneficiary members.”

Santosh Sharan

The Alpha Group Regional Director, India

“This was really a world class training program meticulously planned for the Regional Directors. Not only it had clarified all the thoughtful processes built after extensive research for the success of The Alpha Group but also challenged my limiting beliefs and shown the way to overcome them. The FastGrowth Workbooks and Mastermind sessions are really unique concepts which provided valuable insights and experiencial learning. These are real value multiplier for the SMEs. I enjoyed thoroughly every moment in these 8 training days and looking forward to beginning my journey with confidence, high motivation and determination. I would like to thank Gerard, Geoff, Rohit and you from the bottom of my heart for this excellent training program. The delivery of the program was flawless and energy level was infectious.”

Suzi West

The Alpha Group Regional Director, UK
“Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to yourself, Gerard and Rohit for investing the time to deliver our comprehensive (initial) training session. It has not only been inspiring, but also extremely helpful in preparing us all for the start of our journey with the Alpha Group – not only in terms of knowledge, tools and techniques – but also in providing a support network, positive mindset and the confidence that each of us can achieve our goals.”

Jacob Njeru

The Alpha Group Regional Director, Kenya

“The pressure was higher than I expected, but I am happy to be settling in into The Alpha Group Board and Mindsets. The energy is positive.  Delivery of the materials and knowledge is sophisticated and elegant. As I mentioned, and I reiterate here, thank you for pointing me to the opportunity and insistence that I get on board. The training was refreshing, ably demonstrating the power of the workbooks and the mastermind tools to modern enterprises that can benefit from peer-to-peer executive boards. I am excited about the 50+ silver bullets and look forward to applying them to our boards in the region. The Master Minds processes are unique and powerful. There is no way one cannot implement at least 3-4 of the proposals out of a master mind process. It is practical and absolutely fresh. Overall, I am happy to be part of this great venture to energize economies and make the enterprises true adventures of great minds together.”

Mpho Moeng

The Alpha Group Regional Director, South Africa

“The training that we recently undertook has been worthwhile, it was very professionally outlined and detailed and did not miss a beat on what we are all about , our process and what we stand for as The Alpha Group. It was so empowering and impactful. My highlight was the Mastermind and the Gold Coaching aspect and its opportunities. Nonetheless, the overall training itself , the materials , the structure and the trainers and the energy were impeccable.”

Irene Mugambi

The Alpha Group Regional Director, Kenya

“The wider (compelling) vision shared (Day 1 & 2) to impact 1K SMEs as well as each facilitator’s conviction concerning our promise to double the value of members businesses in 2-3years, has remained with me. The practical nature and feedback process covering Workshops and Masterminds is impressive. I left the training informed, impacted and challenged on next steps to take to. Numerous invaluable tips/nuggets were passed on in the process as well. Once again, thanks for the initial invite and this opportunity to work with a great group of people to positively affect many lives, as well as our own.”

Ben Ohaju

The Alpha Group Regional Director, South Africa

“Thank you so kindly and express my heartfelt gratitude to you and Gerard for such awesome business model and practical lessons you ‘ve developed. Reflecting for the second day of this training, I’m short of words, very impactful and incredible indeed. This will definitely change the face of business in Africa and the world. I am very privileged to be part of this great movement. I can’t wait to go into the marketplace and multiply what you have created. Keep it up! Thank you so much and stay blessed.”

Barbara Schimdt

The Alpha Group Regional Director, Chile

“I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for sharing with me this amazing content that you all have created. One thing that I’ve learned to love about The Alpha Group in the short period of time since I’ve been introduced, is the transparency and the generosity with all the knowledge that you guys have. And I’m planning to make the most of it, and I’m sure this is the beginning of a long lasting relationship.”

Eric Kibinu

The Alpha Group Regional Director, Kenya

“I am delighted to be a part and parcel of the most exciting, focused and results oriented peer to peer business empowering and support board. Thank you for having me as a Regional Director. The training team generously shared experiences and expertise in a well crafted training program that not only kept me alert and wanting more but also cemented by participatory workbooks and enriching Masterminds. Kudos to the training team. My involvement as a Regional Director will greatly enhance through membership in TAG the pivotal role SMEs play in driving the Kenyan economy. The business owners now have a go to tried and tested partner!”

Steven Scamihorn

CEO Bear Project Management

The MasterMind Process is very well organised to lead to a concrete result! It was great to face and deal with our challenge in small steps.

Michela Cimatoribus

CEO Rossi& Bianchi

I appreciated the fact that I was forced to make a plan of action!lorem ut libero malesuada feug at.

Mostafa Kamaly

Co-Founder & CEO of Locus Key LTD

I express greatly my gratitude for joining The Alpha Group Board. I have learned a lot from this group of experts.

Mastermind participant

The Alpha Group gave me the chance to reflect on the potential within my company not exploited yet! Receiving advice which I had not thought of before!

Ornella Torresani

Digi Unit Representative

Mastermind is the method! The process gave me concrete information about my business and it showed me that starting from a small step, in a group like this, something much bigger and more profitable can be developed. It was great to compare my situation with those of the other people and to have this opportunity to focus on business strategy! I really appreciated the exchange of ideas and listening to the other people, WOW! Doing things alone means making really slow progress! The opportunity to learn a method to plan my business priorities was greatly appreciated, also!

Samah Hashad

Joy Trade Founder

The chance to share real cases with challenges that we all as business leaders encounter and allowing the board members to have a meta view of what the root cause of this challenge may be and then generating proposal to help – was amazing.

Alpha Group Member


I run a small manufacturing business in the North of England. Since joining The Alpha Group in September last year I have seen huge improvements in various areas within my business. Before joining I hadn’t realised what a positive impact it would have to turn my focus to an outside looking in to the business approach. The Alpha Group mastermind sessions have given me some great ideas; and I’ve gained advice and support with some tough decisions and changes that were needed, in order to progress in the industry.
Some recent positive changes include:

I hope 2021 is as good as the back end of last year! Thank you The Alpha Group!