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Welcome to The Alpha Group Foresight Series
During these times, we are all having to find new ways to do business and grow. Join The Alpha Group Leaders every month as they talk about leadership, business, entrepreneurship, marketing and ways of beating this crisis. This is the deep value of shared experience and collective intelligence.
None of us is smarter than all of us!

A next generation approach to boosting personal and organisational performance and wellness.

with Anthony Phillips

Our Speaker – Anthony Phillips

Having developed an international career in customer driven business and having a passion for sport it is not surprising that Anthony became the Nike Europe Retail HR Director. This role provided a unique opportunity to fuse well people with a well organisation to deliver sports retailing excellence. Just as Nike transformed sports retail, Wellkom International was founded to transform organisational and personal performance and wellness. Anthony and WellKom’s mission is to boost performance and wellness for people across the globe; enabling them to live a longer active life, boosting national productivity and delivering on the human aspect of the sustainability agenda. Combing WellKom’s 20+ years of expertise with Microsoft’s leading technology, the two are now relaunching internationally, developing partnerships and communities with like- minded brands and individuals who have services and products covering education, coaching, health, wellness, change, sustainability and performance.

During this FREE 1-hour Lecture, Anthony is sharing with you about:

how business leaders can adopt a Whole Life – Whole Org to permanently deliver transformation for individuals and organisations alike

The pandemic, growing levels of burnout and other factors are making it harder than ever for individuals and organisations to promote wellbeing in and out of the workplace. Combining “software with empathy” and “human touch”, see how Psychometric Profiling & Development can help an individual struggling with a fast paced life and lack of time.

Personal Wellness Management

How do you measure up against a 3D Leader profile

Why a 3D Business Transformational Approach is better

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The Alpha Group Foresight Series

We’re all looking down the barrel of the most unprecedented business challenge we’ve ever faced.

Simply working hard may help our companies survive but won’t help us thrive. We have to work hard and smart. We need to integrate best practice for today and for tomorrow.

The world’s largest businesses all started during various kinds of economic downturn. Yours can thrive during this one if you’re agile, innovative and you collaborate.

The Alpha Group Foresight Lectures will look at the fundamental factors making your business robust, agile and successful no matter what’s thrown at you.

Now is the time to be brave and embrace this disturbance and create your own business disruption.

If we look at our feet, we shine our shoes. If we look at the sky, we go to the stars.

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A next generation approach to boosting personal and organisational performance and wellness

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