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Welcome to The Alpha Group Foresight Series

During these times, we are all having to find new ways to do business and grow. Join The Alpha Group Leaders every month as they talk about leadership, business, entrepreneurship, marketing and ways of beating this crisis. This is the deep value of shared experience and collective intelligence.

None of us is smarter than all of us!

Lecture #11

with Mona El-Kheshen

Building Digital Communities in 2021 and Beyond


Our Speaker – Mona El-Kheshen

Mona is the founder of EPN Ltd (, a tech-driven community startup that connects & empowers success driven Egyptian professionals worldwide. EPN has been recognised amongst the most impactful digital communities globally, taking part in Facebook’s first Community Accelerator program in 2020 and has been featured on the recent YouGov & New York University report on ‘the power of virtual communities’. In 2020, Mona was amongst the first 100 community leaders to become a Facebook Blueprint Certified Community Manager and in 2021 she was recognised by Facebook as one of the top 26 influential female social media leaders in the Middle East.  Mona is also the founder of UNLOCK, an online matchmaking platform connecting Egypt’s finest professional services providers with service seekers worldwide. Mona has 15+ years’ Strategic Marketing experience (including Cadbury Schweppes and Johnson & Johnson) & she holds an MBA from Cambridge University.

During this FREE 1-hour Lecture, Mona will be sharing with you

How to Build Digital Communities in 2021 and Beyond

Why digital communities matter

How to build a thriving digital community

Emerging trends in this field & predictions

Testimonials from previous lectures

What an absolutely awesome talk that was today from Kimadale Platts. Words alone cannot express how eloquent, fluent, informative, inspiring and humble she was throughout the 50 mins or so that she spoke. I assume she was speaking note-free and for sure from experience and ‘the heart’. An absolute gem.

Duncan McLaughlin

Refreshing, Enlightening and a reaffirmation of the presentation that i have previously seen.

Geoff Jones

Thank you very much Peter! My take away is about clarifying what you sell and to whom you sell to.

Owen Nwanebu

Social Capital is very crucial in recruiting RDs and members. Thank you, Erica, for a fantastic presentation!

Japh Olende
Many thanks, Erica, a very timely topic! We start losing our connections and tend to forget that as humans beings we are social and it allowed our early ancestors to survive and prosper in harsh environments. Through the 20th and the 21st centuries we become the ego-driven and individualistic societies and underestimated and undervalued social capital’s importance. Time to restore it to allow our societies and modern economies to function efficiently. Believe there is a great power behind the shared values, norms, trust, and belonging.
Olga Gorobets

A great and informative presentation. all very useful even if a small business owner. I like the magic matrix!

Vikk iGee-Dare

A webinar filled with wonderful ideas on so many levels – thank you!


Thanks Peter. Great stuff and take aways. The magic Matrix is excellent tool!

Brian Maphosa

Barbara, this was such a rich, powerful, inspiring presentation. Thank you so much for sharing! Warmest hugs and love from Moldova.

Margareta Osovschi

Great insights. Mega reflections. And a true role model. The best way o lead is always by example. Many thanks for your contribution.

Mark Woodhouse

Thank you very much , Barbara, for the very passionate , energetic and alive presentation! The topic is very critical and you act as a strong advocate for it.
The increasing speed of changes today, all other kinds of uncertainty make us over excited and overwhelmed. The only way is to achieve higher states of consciousness and revive our lost connections.

Olga Gorobets


29TH JUNE, 1PM – 2PM GMT+1


The Alpha Group Foresight Series

We’re all looking down the barrel of the most unprecedented business challenge we’ve ever faced.

Simply working hard may help our companies survive but won’t help us thrive. We have to work hard and smart. We need to integrate best practice for today and for tomorrow.

The world’s largest businesses all started during various kinds of economic downturn. Yours can thrive during this one if you’re agile, innovative and you collaborate.

The Alpha Group Foresight Lectures will look at the fundamental factors making your business robust, agile and successful no matter what’s thrown at you.

Now is the time to be brave and embrace this disturbance and create your own business disruption.

If we look at our feet, we shine our shoes. If we look at the sky, we go to the stars.

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