Who We Are

Solution Focused & Member Driven Experience

The Alpha Group brings together entrepreneurs for peer-to-peer exchange and support in a unique, member-driven experience. They meet once a month where they focus on a common area of the business such as remove your strategic barriers for Fast Growth or significantly increase your brand value and the very inspirational workshop called keep your Fast Growth on track through effective indicators. This is then followed by a process to help an individual member to overcome a challenge, gain clarity before making a decision or just have an idea confirmed by his fellow members before investing time and money into it. You as a business owners or Managing Directors worldwide can now be part of an exclusive group of experienced executives who brainstorm strategies, and realise the potential of increasing profit and growth.

The Alpha Group drives business and personal success through:

Mission & Vision

Business success and personal satisfaction is not optional. We exist in order to support and develop SME owner / directors, resulting in a significant improvement in business and overall quality of life.

To create a global group of board level advisors who help SME business owner / directors achieve their goals.

To give SME owner / directors: a cost effective way of getting targeted expert, board level advice; the chance to shape the strategy of business’s local to themselves; the ability to tap into a group of business owners who will guide the direction of their business based on years of experience.

Providing The Best Global Resources

The Alpha Group (TAG) brings together groups of dynamic entrepreneurs and directors who are ready to take their business to the next level of success. Through the sharing of experiences, and in depth analysis of business situations, the face-to-face monthly board meetings provide guidance, and motivation to members. Working through scenarios with other talented, local business entrepreneurs, this provides a cost-effective, proven method of achieving business and personal goals. Your Alpha Group motivates its members to perform a deep cleaning of their vision, gain clarity and focus on long-term strategy.

Providing The Confidence For Personal Happiness

Members have the knowledge that decisions have been fully investigated, and see significant improvement to the bottom line of their business. The focus on strategy rather than day-to-day activities, can lead to a tripling of profits within two to three years. Increased confidence gained from both the monthly board meetings and personal guidance from The Alpha Group, give members a clear advantage. While the business benefits from a clear and focused strategy, members become more fulfilled and relaxed.

Encouraging You To Achieve Business Success

The Alpha Group Directors (TAGD) provides you with access to untold knowledge and experience as well as giving focused , inspiration, motivation and personal support needed to guide and motivate members to make some fundamental changes in their business, make them better leaders and in turn run better businesses and help them to increase the value of their business, your fully trained TAD’s follow a process which has been proven to shape strategy and increase profits, in every type of business.

Global Team. World Class Results

Gerard O’Donovan


Colin Lindsay

Managing Director

Ashley Vinil

Development Director for USA and Canada

Paritosh Sharan

Country General Manager, India

Josephine L

Launch Manager

Iulia Kelemen

Learning & Development Coordinator

Neha Baid

Financial Control

Michele Joyce Araneta

Head of Administration

Mariz Papas

IT Support

Corporate Vision has finalised the results of the 2020 Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards and The Alpha Group has been presented the Best P2P Executive Exchange & Support Group 2020.