Become an Alpha Group Regional Director

The Alpha Group mission is to help 1 mil SMEs worldwide to double the value of their business and dominate their marketplace. Join us as a Regional Director and help the Alpha Group members make strategic decisions and transform themselves and their business.

We are looking for motivational, inspiring leaders, like yourself!

Do you:

  • Have a passion and desire to coach and help business owners grow and succeed?

  • Want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss?

  • Want a business coaching model with superb cash flow as well as wealth building opportunities?

  • Want to be independent, but not alone?

  • Want to join forces with the future global leaders of the peer-to-peer boardroom  industry?

  • Want access to the world’s best system for increasing value of small- to mid- sized businesses?

As a Regional Director you will:

Have an exclusive area, town or part of a city and no other member of The Alpha Group will operate in your area.

Be responsible for setting-up and running an Alpha Group board. With the Alpha Group team support you will recruit and develop the group to the optimum of 20 members.

Get trained to manage invaluable business strategy workshops using our unique high impact FastGrowth workbooks designed to help in many areas that block business growth. These tend to run for the first hour.

Get trained in various coaching methods. Members have the option of a 90 minutes monthly GOLD COACHING session with the Regional Director. The monthly one-on-one meetings will be held over the course of approximately two years to ensure dramatic improvements in members self-confidence, performance and business growth.

*The application process is followed by a two-stage interview and a training period ensures that you have been chosen because of your qualities. Fill in the above form to get started.



Create your own exclusive peer-to-peer executive board of up to 20 business owners in your local community.

Build long term relationships with business owners as you help them achieve their income goals and dreams.

Facilitate the monthly boards with our Fast Growth strategies with dozens of businesses across numerous industries.

Participate in coaching national accounts through our extensive relationships with some of the largest franchise companies in the U.S.

Become an expert on helping businesses avoid the 5 challenges that could take them out of business.

Get trained to manage invaluable business strategy workshops using our unique high impact workbooks.

Create fantastic leveraged income for your services on an “incremental-value” bases.

Build wealth and security for you and your family.