Leadership for New Realites

The Alpha Group International Online Board


To leaders ready to rise up:

The idea of a business thriving as you know it may have already gone into oblivion.

In fact, running a thriving business today may not mean the same thing tomorrow.

And so it’s no surprise that today’s top performing leaders, entrepreneurs and executives are facing a lot of pressure to tackle exponential change.

While there is no going back to “normal” after the pandemic and there won’t be business as usual, fast adaptability (of mindsets, plans, strategies, products and services), farsightedness, agility and resilience are needed.

Sticking to old rules will make your business vanish, while those of you who are ready to rise up will expand your business reach and impact.

And Iulia Sorescu knows this deeply.

Iulia is a leader, whose support and insights are highly valued by today’s most influential Alpha Group Regional Directors. By observing and collaborating with SMEs owners and top professionals, she laid out a 3-step process to enhance awareness, find value-based solutions and unleash potential towards desired results. Along with the bulletproof Alpha Group solution and The Alpha Group Fastgrowth workbooks, she is ready to guide your actions that

will make you an efficient leader with a thriving business.

Welcome to The Alpha Group International Online Board.

4 hours

of intense work on a concrete business challenge

21 September 2022

9 AM – 1 PM BST

The Alpha Group Solution

The Alpha Group International Online Board is an exclusive peer-to-peer executive board providing paradigm shifts, strategic plans and transformational tools that will enhance your leadership abilities in line with a rapidly changing world.

The Alpha Group members are CEOs, business owners and key executives of small and midsize companies with over £250000 in annual revenue, representing nearly every industry and is a bullet-proof process comprising a Fastgrowth Workbook and a series of masterminds. 

No matter what challenges you are currently face in your leadership journey – the clarity and momentum you gain through the power of collective wisdom will enhance your performance in every key matter of your business.

The Alpha Group International Online Board is more than just a networking group and goes beyond any corporate and executive training programs. It is a step-by-step process for implementing the best business solutions, followed by a mastermind process designed to help you gain new and valuable insights into your business, learn from like-minded, senior decision-makers and establish trusting relationships with high performing leaders.


Find out The Alpha Group ready-made, proven techniques on how to thrive in challenging times.

Top Benefits

Explore The Alpha Group Process


A business strategy workshop where members are trained using formal workbooks in key areas of business. This forces concentration on specific parts of their company. Members will analyse, in depth, the areas where their business is performing well or badly.


A mastermind where members get the opportunity to present a current business situation to their peers. The group will then give advise and feedback based on their experience. Members benefit from the experience of others.


9:00 - 9:15 Introduction 9:15 - 10:30 Workbook 10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break 10:45 - 12:00 Mastermind 12:00 - 12:15 - Round-up 12:15 - 12:30 -Closing

Transform the way you run your business with The Alpha Group

This is for you if you are an established leader with a business over $300,000 / £250,000 per annum. 

We only have 20 spots, 1 per industry! 

In order to book your spot – fill in the form below and we will shortly schedule a short conversation to check your business objectives and see if The Alpha Group International Board is the best solution for you. 

As soon as you are confirmed, you will get the payment link and all the joining details. 

Iulia Sorescu, facilitator of The Alpha Group International Online Board

Iulia is a Leadership/Career Coach and Psychologist.

Passionate about enhancing human potential, caring and attentive to people’s needs, with a great eye for strategy and implementation, tech savvy and result oriented, she adds creativity and joy to all learning processes she is involved in.

She offers psychological and coaching services to empower individuals and teams reach their highest potential using a 3-step experiential process focusing on:
• LEARNING (coming to awareness)
• RESOLVING (finding answers and solutions)
• EVOLVING (getting the desired results)

Her training background includes: a coaching diploma with Noble Manhattan Coaching, coaching accreditation with IAPC&M, trainer license, Points of You Practitioner and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


In order to get a seat at the table follow the process below
  • 4 hours of intense work on concrete business challenges
  • a bullet-proof workbook with proven results for thousands of SMEs owners we worked with - to take away
  • a mastermind process using the collective power of global, successful leaders
  • Insights and transformational action for your business to thrive
  • accountability and follow-up emails directly with Iulia