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Join The Alpha Group monthly lectures to gain essential leadership skills necessary to help your business grow and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. We will discuss strategies for improving your mindset and enhancing your ability to navigate change, ultimately leading to greater success for your business.

Our expert speakers will share practical tips and techniques for developing strong leadership qualities, including effective communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. We will also delve into the importance of fostering a positive and resilient mindset, as well as the ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Whether you are a seasoned business leader or just starting out on your leadership journey, these lectures will provide valuable insights and actionable steps to help you lead your business to new heights. Join us and learn how to become a more effective and influential leader, driving growth and success for your business.

Next Lecture: 19 December 2023, 1 PM BST

The V.A.T.O.R.™ Pitch - Reinventing Business Influencing

with Toyin Ademola, Chief Growth Officer at SkillSultants

Every industry is reinventing itself. Yet how to influence in business and conclude on business negotiations hasn’t in the last twenty years. The way we do Business post pandemic has changed and will continue to do so based on the new algorithmic age we find ourselves. No longer will excellent products or services bridge the gap , as pitches are no longer a one way street. Instead, the most successful sales interactions are rooted in simplicity, honesty, and a collaborative exchange of ideas. The V.A.T.O.R. pitch methodology is business influencing re-invented to meet the needs of our time and of the future.

Increase client base and encourage long term sustainable proactive stakeholder interaction.

Differentiate yourself as a business influencer that converts clients into sustainable stakeholders

Experience positive transformation from the V.P.M Program and provide the same experience for clients.

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Meet Oluwatoyin Ademola

Oluwatoyin is referred as the Cheif Growth Officer, in a young vibrant coaching and consulting firm that focuses on strategic growth and business transformational sustainability withing organisations, teams, and individuals, by empowering clients with tools and strategies for growth and allowing clients to specify their own defined level of succss through value-based coaching.

She equips individuals with the tools to see, reach, achieve and exceed their goals using the V.A.T.O.R Pitch Metodology. She specialises in strategic intelligence and planning, business transformation, and collaborative culture. Her executive track record with 20+ years of experience in the corporate sector (with a focus on market growth), has produced exceptional bottom-line results in multi-million business units and has allowed her clients a 100% return on investment

She is an innovative coach and creator (owner and creator of the V.A.T.O.R Pitch Metodology) and an exceptional communicator who excels in cross-cultural and multicultural coaching and the impact of its influences on professional development and leveraging relationships with senior corporate and public leaders.


Chief Growth Officer

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Toyin Ademola

The V.A.T.O.R.™ Pitch” is The difference between speaking and getting the actual deal.

Ferenc Makó

Measurement Systems for Corporate Efficency


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The Foresight Lectures will look at the fundamental factors making your business robust, agile and successful no matter what’s thrown at you. Be brave and embrace this disturbance and create your own business disruption!


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About this Foresight

During this Foresight Lecture, Judy Barber guides you through a transformative journey, helping you create positive change in your teams and organization. Through heart-felt listening and effective communication, discover how to foster harmony, reduce stress, and bring out the best in yourself and others. Embrace the ‘Slow’ for impactful, sustainable results.”​


  • -Learn how to move past problems that drain your emotional energy, in order to conserve your resources for more productive and positive endeavors.
  • A leadership style is a set of behaviors and attitudes that a leader exhibits with their teams/organisations. Explore your own natural leadership style.
  • Focus on your Interpersonal Return On Investment, your IROI™, emphasizes the value of investing in your interpersonal skills and relationships.

About Judy

Judy is known as a “slow coach” not because change can’t happen quickly, but because she believes in a deliberate and thoughtful approach. With over two decades of experience coaching leaders through tough decisions and complex challenges, Judy is the author of ‘Good Question! The Art of Asking Questions to Bring About Positive Change’ and ‘The Slow Coach Approach, How Good-hearted Leaders Can Create Positive Change – Surprisingly Quickly’. She has also contributed a chapter to Gerard O’Donovan’s Coaching anthology, ‘A Coach’s Story’. With a wealth of qualifications and professional training, including Clean Facilitation, Judy is a skilled coach, group facilitator, and speaker with extensive experience working with diverse cultures and backgrounds. As a passionate foodie, Judy hopes to see Slow Coaching become as popular as the Slow Food movement.