Letting Ego Get In The Way

Leaders with high egos close themselves off to personal growth, new ideas and better ways of doing things. When criticized, they’re prone to get defensive.

When addressed.

They tend to interrupt. High-ego leaders don’t like to ask questions, appear vulnerable or take ownership when things go wrong. Not only does this make them unlikeable as leaders, but it also makes them ineffective.

Learn from this mistake:

The best leaders are confident without being egotistical.

They’re curious, humble, purpose driven and honest about what they know and don’t know.

Adopting this leadership style will help you gain trust from your employees and respect from your peers.

Colin Lindsay Managing Director The Alpha Group, having served 15 Years in Special Forces with the British Army offers these tips to help you stay open, humble and curious.

1. Know what you don’t know. Resist the impulse to be “master of the universe.” Rely on experts. Know when to defer and delegate.

2. Resist falling for your own publicity. We all do it: Whether we’re writing a press release or a self-appraisal, we put the best spin on our success — and then conveniently forget that the reality wasn’t as flawless.

3. Embrace and promote a spirit of service. Employees quickly figure out which leaders are dedicated to helping them succeed, and which are scrambling for personal success at their expense. Customers do too.

4. Listen to the weird ideas. Open your ears to what others are saying. The most imaginative and valuable ideas tend to come from left field.

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